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Water Voles are the largest of the UK vole species and are protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 due to dramatic population declines. Water Vole can be found on slow-flowing water courses, wet ditches, ponds, lakes and canals with well vegetated banks and steep banks for burrowing. Water vole surveys may be required if development is in close proximity to a suitable watercourse. 

The Survey

Our team of experienced ecologists will be able to assess the presence / absence of water vole within / near a development site by looking for field signs such as feeding remains, latrines and burrows. A survey consists of 2 no. visits within the first undertaken April-Junes and the second July-September. 


LLD can advise and plan all aspects of water vole mitigation including development design, water vole exclusion, habitat manipulation and habitat creation and enhancement. We work on a variety of sites and can provide innovative solutions to ecological constraints. 



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