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The Lakeside Centre

Location: Eastleigh, Southampton
Year: -2017

Photo Credits
Richard Chivers

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Situated between Eastleigh and Southampton, Lakeside Coutry Park is a twenty-two-hectare site on restored gravel works, consisting of wet meadow and woodland. Offering walks, picnic sites and guided trails, the park provides habitat to a diverse array of wildlife including deer, foxes and species of bat, and is popular with local anglers.

Working in partnership with RHP and Eastleigh Borough Council, Lizard Landscape Design prepared a development plan for the Lakeside Country Park to include an ecological and landscape strategy which aimed at enhancing the existing landscape and ecological features present within the existing site area.

The development plan specifically aimed at enhancing species biodiversity within the site, proposed habitat enrichment and creation to the development site boundaries, and to the southern, eastern and northern site edges where there were existing groups of mature broad leave trees.

A hard landscape of permeable paving was implemented with a Surface Water Drainage Strategy (SUDS), to address both site drainage and enhance the visual amenity. In addition, a sustainable, green roof system for the building encourages solar energy capture whilst aiding the site biodiversity.

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