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Seafront Promenade, Worthing 

Location: Worthing

Concept Design

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Worthing Seafront Strategy:

The New Development of The Beach Residences is located with 'The Western Gateway'. It is intended that 'The Western Gateway' will provide a more passive and tranquil area suitable for informal activities. It is invisioned that this zone will provide people with an area to sit, relax and enjoy the seafront setting in a peaceful, comfortable environment.

'A Postcard for Worthing'

The Concept 'A Postcard for Worthing', seeks to create a new area of public space for the quiet appreciation, enjoyment and reflection of Worthing's landscape by capturing and framing different views along the coastline. Proposed structural interventions, along with trees and coastal planting will create framed views of the sea, sunset, stars, rock pools, the promenade, building facades, Worthing pier, and also of people experiencing and interacting with the space along the seafront.

The proposed public space would seek to both maintain and enhance the landscape character of the seafront promenade allowing for views of the beach shingle, sea and sky.


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