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Phone: 01903 216033


Newhaven Academy

Location: Newhaven

Year: -2016

Architect: ECE Architecture 



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Located on an exposed coastal line next to an existing academy, the Newhaven Modular School was developed in parallel with an identical project at Hailsham. Working alongside ECE Architecture, the development provided the opportunity to implement cost and time efficient design solutions for two different sites.

The site boundaries have been planted with native trees in a scheme selected for its tolerance to coastal environment. As well as providing shelter and visual amenity to the area, the trees form a green corridor providing habitats for birds and invertebrates.

A soft play area located to the front and rear of the development provides a colourful and safe environment for the children to play, and an area of feature blockwork paving indicates the school entrance as an area for parents to congregate.

The carpark is interspersed with flowering shrubs, grasses and understorey planting to enhance the visual impact of the development.

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