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Hurst Grange

Location: Worthing 

Year: - 2014

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The Hurst Grange development is a bespoke residential project positioned in a leafy street in Tarring, West Worthing.

Comprising of a retained and enhanced natural boundary of mature magnolia, horse chestnut, ash and beech trees, the site is an area which attracts biodiversity and habitat for wildlife.

Reptile, bat and tree surveys were carried out prior to the development, and habitats were further enhanced with the implementation of native and ornamental hedge planting and grass areas.

A communal garden to the rear of the building features timber planters and a feature tree planting group, which both add visual amenity throughout the space, as well as enhancing views from the south facing apartment balconies.

The garden frontage and communal areas including the carpark, consist of feature planting areas complimented by gravel, feature blockwork paving and permeable paving construction to fit within the root protection areas for mature trees.

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