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Historic Landscapes



 Our highly skilled landscape team provides independent consultancy services in relation to historic buildings and historic landscapes.

Our heritage services include:

  • Survey and appraisal of historic landscapes and buildings.
  • Assessment of the significance of heritage assets, including their setting, to assist planning decisions and Environmental statements.
  • Consultancy and advise on our client’s behalf to ensure the appropriate balance between the needs of our clients with conservation concernsthroughout the planning process.
  • Address any heritage constraints within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) for planning applications.
  • Assist in defining sustainable development solutions with regard to the historic environment and heritage assets.

In addition, by combining our knowledge and experience with our ecology and landscape teams, we can offer an integrated and robust approach for the sustainable management of historic environments.

Further information on our heritage services please either call a member of our landscape team or make an email enquiry.

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