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The hazel or common dormouse is the only native dormouse in the UK. Numbers have declined significantly in recent times due to habitat loss and fragmentation. All dormouse and their habitat are strictly protected under The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010. If you are currently dealing with a site which contains woodland or mature hedgerows you may need a dormouse survey.

The Survey

Our experienced, licensed surveyors can conduct dormouse surveys anywhere in the UK and provide advice to clients on how best to proceed. 

  • Nut and Nest Search: This initial survey is often incorporated into the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal and informs the need for further survey work. The Nut and Nest search involves searching by hand for chewed hazelnuts and the presence of dormouse nests in trees / hedges. This initial survey is best carried out in the Autumn / Winter when vegetation is less dense. 
  • Nest Tube survey: A series of artificial nest tubes are placed within areas of suitable habitat and checked on a monthly basis for the presence of dormice. These surveys can take place between March and November, although to due to the prolonged survey effort required they should ideally be started by June. 


A license will be required from Natural England if dormice are found to present within the site and impacts cannot be avoided. We can provide effective solutions including license application, mitigation method statements, ecological clerk of works and habitat creation enhancement. 



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