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All landscapes require management of some kind, be it urban parks, business parks, private estates, historic landscapes, community woodland, parks and gardens, or areas of high sensitivity such as land in and around National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Utilising our extensive knowledge of how landscape functions, we develop a vision for outside spaces of all kinds, and create management plans with clear aims and objectives. 

Sites are appraised for existing characteristics and features, and a plan is set out for future sustainable management. Management plans are developed with a strong focus on the services and benefits that landscape can provide people with if managed well, such as natural capital, production of food, clean air and water, flood mitigation, increased biodiversity, as well as health benefits through recreational activities. 


Our Areas of Expertise

landscape management plan

management plan

historic landscapes

historic landscapes



Environmental IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA)   

Environmental IMPACT


land usage

land usage

cost estimates, budgets and resources

cost estimates,
budgets and

Our Landscape Management Services Typically Include:

  • The preparation of long term management plans, providing a monitoring service to ensure that land is managed to the standard prescribed. 

  • Strategy for restoring degraded landscapes in a site-specific manner

  • Appropriate change of usage, such as opening areas up for public use, or focusing on habitat creation and nature conservation

  • Offering advice on the management and maintenance of sites associated with new designs or development proposals

  • Landscape assessment services including Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Landscape Audit
  • Cost Estimates, and analysis of budget and resources

  • Administration and supervision of soft landscape contracts

  • We aim to build good relationships with land owners and other stakeholders to provide long term strategies for outside spaces, engaging with communities and relevant users of landscape where necessary

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